The Method


Unrestricted Movement

Exoprecise ® ℗ (WIPO) Resistance Technology accommodates a world-first Sport Precise training method; transcending the way modern-day athletes train, advancing performance. Accommodating, throughout repetitive training movements, in an “automatic” state of mind, critical to activating, stimulating, and strengthening; Sport Precise power muscles.

  • Silky-smooth, lightweight, and intuitive design; accommodating an unrestricted range of motion for Sport Precise training.
  • Anchoring at the elbows, surrounding your torso, producing 360 degrees of Exoprecise forces.
  • Reacting to the movement of your elbows, in any direction. Simultaneously expanding, contracting, and morphing to your automatic movement; igniting speed, strength, and precision.
Golf Power Swing Trainer

Ordinary resistance devices are constricting, causing discomfort as the tubing band stretches and creates friction on your skin; disrupting the body’s natural motion on an automatic level. Leading to the activation of your conscious mind, conscious-movement, and conscious muscles; forearms, biceps, chest, and frontal deltoid. Exerting force on the body’s weaker extremities, exposing your wrists, elbows, knees and lower back to injury.

Upper Body


Movement and distance, of the elbows from your torso are critical for upper body power, and precision. Sport Precise, harnesses the energy of your elbows to strengthen power muscles, trigger speed, and improve mechanics.



Moving the elbows away from your body creates an outward pushing force, producing the precise amount of resistance to strengthen automatic muscles. Raising your elbows demonstrates the basic principles, as Exoprecise forces strengthens the thoracic core, deep postural, obliques, intercostals, abdominals, releasing triggers the acceleration back to your body, stimulating the acceleration/deceleration muscles of your shoulder; nurturing fast-twitch muscle fibers.



At the time your elbows reach the apex of a movement away from the body, exerting the maximum pushing force, releasing from resistance accelerates the return.

Golf Swing Workout ()


Throughout the movement of your elbows, a precise amount of resistance navigates the optimal distance from the body, improving mechanics.


The King Is Dead

Long Live the King

You’ll feel core strength, flexibility, endurance, speed, and posture; invigorating your athletic performance. Sport Precise, organically claims the throne as the new king of training.

Golf Precise